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KC College has a Gender Issues Cell that is proactively involved in raising awareness on issues of gender discrimination and in providing a nuanced understanding of gender issues through multifarious activities like workshops, interactive lectures, film screenings, debates, elocutions and group discussions, collaborative ventures with advocacy groups. The primary intent is to subvert and shatter common sense perceptions of culturally prescribed gender roles and to get the students to reflect and introspect on their gendered experiences and to understand the interconnected nature of oppressions.

The Cell comprises the following members

  • President - Principal Dr Hemlata Bagla
  • Convener - Dr Leena Pujari

Faculty Representatives

  • Dr Shalini Sinha
  • Ms Susama Panda
  • Ms Nandini Sengpta (co-opted)
  • Ms Mridula Gupta (co-opted)
  • Ms Jade Carvalho (co-opted)
  • Shyam Pakhare (co-opted)

Non Teaching Staff

  • Ms Shashikala Dhage
  • Rajwant Singh


  • Ms Aaliya Sidhu
  • Ms Kremika Shobawat
  • Ms Yuilaan Yie

NGO Representative

  • Dr Nandita Gandhi (Akshara)


An enriching two day workshop on Gender and Science: Introduction to Feminist Science Perspectives.A Physicist and Sociologist took us through a meaningful process of reflection, raising some critical questions about science and science education in India for instance.why is the history, philosophy and sociology of science not a part of science curriculum in schools and colleges is science all about neutrality, objectivity, rationality and abstract theorizations? Why do we privilege a scientific and rational understanding as opposed to one that is centred on love and empathy? How do caste, class and gender dynamics play out in the scientific landscape? Do we interrogate the social location of a scientific genius? And many more rich deliberations spread over two days.

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