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F.Y.B.SC(I.T) (Semester I & II)

    Semester I
    Compulsory Subjects
  • Object oriented Programming with C++
  • Digital Electronics
  • Operating Systems
  • Mathematics I
  • Professional Communication Skills
  • Practical of FIT 1P1 + FIT 1P2 + FIT 1P3 + FIT 1P4 + FIT 1P5
  • Semester II
  • Python Programming
  • Microprocessor Architecture and Interfacing
  • Introduction to Unity and Graphics
  • Mathematics II
  • Green Computing
  • Practical of FIT 2P1 + FIT 2P2 + FIT 2P3 + FIT 2P4 + FIT 2P5

S.Y.B.SC(I.T) (Semester III & IV)

    Semester III
  • Python Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Computer Networks
  • Database Management Systems
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Practical of USIT301 + USIT302 + USIT303 + USIT304 + USIT305
  • Semester IV
  • Core Java
  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • Computer Oriented Statistical Techniques
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Graphics and Animation
  • Practical of USIT401 + USIT402 + USIT403 + USIT404 + USIT405

T.Y.B.SC(I.T) (Semester V & VI)

    Semester V
  • Software Project Management
  • Internet of Things
  • Advanced Web Programming
  • Linux System Administration
  • Enterprise Java
  • Practical of USIT501 + USIT502 + USIT503 + USIT505 + USIT506
  • Semester VI
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Security in Computing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Principles of Geographic Information Systems
  • IT Services Management
  • Practical of USIT601 + USIT602 + USIT603 + USIT604 + USIT606

Department of Information Technology


Dr. Rakhi O. Gupta

Designation : Assistant Professor and Head

Qualification : Ph.D in Computer Engineering, M.E and B.Tech

Research Interest : Software Engineering, Machine Learning,Big data and RMMM.


Ms. Pragati V. Thawani

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification : M.Phil(IT), M.Sc(IT) and Pursuing Ph.D(Computer Science)

Research Interest : Networking,Internet of Things,Security and Machine Learning.


Mrs. Neha Patel

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification : M.Sc(IT), Pursuing Ph.D

Research Interest : Character segmentation and classification,Optimization of algorithms and Deep Learning.


Mrs. Sandhya Bhavsar

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification : M.E . In Electronics and telecommunication Engineering.

Research Interest : Microprocessors and microcontrollers, Microwave circuits and antennas and Electronic Communications.


Ms. Nashrah Gowalker

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification : M.Sc(IT)

Research Interest : Cyber Security, Networking and Cloud Computing.

Event Name: Stress Management
Date: 27 th February, 2020
Resource Person: Dr.Jaya Jayaram, Formerly Medical Officier, Mumbai Port Trust, Mumbai.
Outcome: Participants learnt the basic physiological responses of the human body to various environmental and emotional stresses. Participants have the ability to differentiate between normal, healthy stress, environmental stressors and emotional stressors both endogenous and reactive.

Event Name: AI : Tool to understand nature
Date: 24th February, 2020
Resource Person: Mr. Abhijeet Gole, Co-ordinator, Computer Science Department, Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai.
Outcome: By combining AI technologies with skilled human workers and smart processes, life sciences  companies will be able to more effectively advance discovery, manage drug development and deliver solutions that will make a difference in patients' lives

Event Name: Industrial Visit Aga Khan Palace, International Institute of Information Technology, Pawna Lake , pune.
Date: 19th – 22nd February, 2020
Outcome: Students clarified their concepts on the working of various technologies. They came to know the career prospects in the industry, cutting edge technologies, ongoing projects and research expected in that field.

Event Name: YouTube Technical content Development
Date: 18th February, 2020
Resource Person: Mr. Manoj Kavedia, Assitant.Professor, Thadomal Shahani Engineering College.
Outcome: Students developed some low-cost devices to be used on Android phones. Also gained expertise in Shooting, Sound Processing, Dubbing, Video Editing, Power point to video, uploading and sharing everything can be done using mobile.

Event Name: Advanced Web Programming with C#
Date: 8th February, 2020
Resource Person: Ms. Jayshri Parab, Assistant.Professor, B.Sc(IT) Department, Lala Lajpat Rai College of Commerce and Economics. Mumbai.
Outcome: Students learnt difference between client side programming & server side programming. Also learnt demonstration of Button, checkbox, Dropdown list , Radio button and Role of AutopostBack Property.

Event Name: Blood Donation Camp
Date: 31st January, 2020
Resource Person: Organized by IT Department
Outcome: Blood Donation Camp was organized on 31 st January under the supervision of Jaslok Hospital. There was an overwhelming response from students and other donors. Some of the donors who could not donate this time were assured for donation in the next camp. A certificate of appreciation and refreshment was given to each donor as a token of gratitude

Event Name: Introduction to Unity
Date: 20th January, 2020
Resource Person: Mr.Vishal Kawji, Technical General Manager, Frameboxx.
Outcome: Develop an end-to-end understanding of game production with Unity by building Zombie Toys, a third-person, 3D, survival arcade game along with the videos—from importing assets, to scripting behavior, to building the game for publication.

Event Name: Sustainable ICT Management for Green Computing
Date: 15th January, 2020
Resource Person: Mr. Ahetsham Shaikh, Co-ordinator of Information Technology, Akbar peerboy college, Mumbai
Outcome: Students understood an effective approach to protect environment from the harmful effects of toxic material used during the manufacturing of computing devices.

Event Name: Cyber Security & Social Media Security
Date: 9th January, 2020
Resource Person: Mr. Sachin Dedhia, Founder & CEO, Skynet Secure Solutions
Outcome: Students learnt the difference between threat, risk, attack and vulnerability and how to use security tools to protect confidentiality, possession or control, integrity, authenticity, availability, and utility, any of which can make it vulnerable to attack.

Event Name: Intra- Department Cricket Tournament
Date: 5th & 12th December, 2019
Resource Person: Organized by IT Department
Outcome: Intra- Department Cricket Tournament was organized between seniors and juniors. The match was played at oval ground. Matches between seniors and juniors were very thrilling and very exciting to watch. The seniors won the match and the cricket match was worth watching.

Event Name: Faculty Development Program on ‘Use of ICT for Teaching Methodologies
Date: 18th December, 2019
Resource Person: Mr. Gaurav Ghelani, Academic Relationship Manager - TCS India West s& Central at Tata Consultancy Services Mumbai.
Outcome: It is the mode of education that use information and communications technology to support, enhance, and optimize the delivery of information.

Event Name: Subnets and LAN
Date: 27th November, 2019
Resource Person: Mr. Asif Rampurawala, Vice –Principal, Information Technology, Vidyalankar School of Information Technology
Outcome: Students learnt fundamental concepts of computer networking with basic taxonomy and terminology also expertise in some specific areas of networking such as the design and maintenance of individual networks.

Event Name: Writing Research Paper
Date: 27th September, 2019
Resource Person: i)Dr. Ashwini Kunte, Professor and Head of Electronics and Telecommunication Department at Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, Mumbai.
ii) Mrs. Anjali Singh, Served in Maharashtra Sales Tax Dept.
iii) Mr. Asif Rampurawala, Vice Principal,VSIT.
Outcome: Students learnt analysis of information sources, Develop a questioning mindset, Learn to focus on the key issue.

Event Name: Implementing Distributed System on Windows and Linux and Configuring Linux Server for File Sharing. (Under DBT START SCHEME)
Date: 20 th September, 2019
Resource Person: Ms. Kirti Bhatt,Guest Lecturer
Outcome: Sharing files between two operating systems

Event Name: Kiran Systematic Chaos 2019
Date: 18th – 19th September 2019
Resource Person: Organized by IT Department
Outcome: The "KIRAN 2019- was attended by more the 2.5k students from different colleges and 51 colleges had competed in the different events to beg the trophies and prizes. The audience had lightened up the festival more than real bulbs.

Event Name: Training on basic and advanced excel for Non-teaching Staff (Under DBT START SCHEME).
Date: 31st August 2019
Resource Person: Mr. Kaushal Shah, Senior Manager, Reliance Power Ltd.
Outcome: Participants learnt the names and functions of the Excel interface components. How to enter and edit data? Format data and cells, Construct formulas, use of built-in functions, and relative and absolute references.

Event Name: Development of template for integrating project based learning into practice (Under DBT STAR SCHEME)
Date: 17th July 2019
Resource Person: Mr.Shreekant Shiralkar, Head – India Solution Center for SAP at Tata Consultancy Services, Advisory Member for CS and IT
Outcome: A dynamic approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges.

Session 5
Session name: Machine Learning.
Date: 29th June 2019
Resource Person: Mr. Arunjit Chaudhary, CEO EBTS
Outcome: To help students learn, understand, and practice big data analytics and machine learning approaches, which include the study of modern computing , big data technologies and scaling up machine learning techniques focusing on industry Applications .

Session 4
Session name: Website Development and PHP.
Date: 28th June 2019
Resource Person: Mr. Lokesh Iyer, Proprietor Si-Technologies
Outcome: Apply a structured approach to identifying needs, interests, and functionality of a website.
Design dynamic websites that meet specified needs and interests.

Session 3
Session name: Team Building.
Date: 27th June 2019
Resource Person: 1) Dr. Suvarna Sharma, Assistant Professor K.C College
2)Mrs. Amruta Kothare, Lecturer K.C College
Outcome: Improves morale and leadership skills, Clearly defines objectives and goals.
Improves organizational productivity.
Identifies a team's strengths and weaknesses.
Improves the ability in problem solving approach .

Session 2
Session name: Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking.
Date: 26th June 2019
Resource Person: 1)Mr. Sachin Dedhia, Founder & CEO, Skynet Secure Solutions
2)Mr. Jerry Thomas, Cyber Security at Skynet Secure Solutions
Outcome: It gives the students an opportunity to learn about different tools and techniques in Ethical hacking and security and how to practically apply some of the tools.

Event Name: Impact Program
Date: 25th June - 29th June 2019
Session 1:
Session name: Connecting the dots
Date: 25 th June-19
Resource Person: Ms. Veena Kumar, Associate Professor, K.C College
Outcome: To help students realize that nothing is random and every thing around us is alive. Every thing has meaning and communicates to us. We only need to be receptive and there is a role for everyone.

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