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F.Y.B.COM (Semester I & II)

Papers to be offered: 7
1. Foundation Course (Social Awareness & Personality Development)
2. Environmental Studies
3. Accounting and Financial Management
4. Mathematics and Statistical Techniques
5. Commerce (Business Development)
6. Business Communication
7. Business Economics

S.Y.B.COM (Semester III & IV)

Papers to be offered: 6
1. Foundation Course (Human Rights)
2. Accounting and Financial Management
3. Commerce (Principal of Management and Finance)
4. Business Law
5. Business Economics
6. Applied Component Subject (any one)
      (a) Advertising
      (b) Computer Programming
7. Introduction to Management Accounting

T.Y.B.COM .(Semester V & VI)

Papers to be offered: 7
Compulsory Group:
1. Marketing & Human Resource Management
2. Development Issues in Indian Economics
Special Group:
3. Financial Accounting
4. Cost Accounting
5. Management Accounting (Semester V)
6. Auditing (Semester VI)
7. Applied Component Group (any two)
      (a) Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
      (b) Computer Systems & Applications
      (c) Direct and Indirect Taxation
      (d) Export Marketing
BCom syllabus SEM I & II with course structure
Revised Syllabus for Extension

A series of workshop were organized for the students on “Building Etiquettes” by Ms. Asha Talpatra and “Management Education” by TIME for the students of T.Y.B.Com for the students of F.Y.B.Com.

To provide stress free day, a trek to Bhivpuri was organized for the students of F.Y.B.Com and S.Y.B.Com

Mock stock was organized with an aim to provide students a brief idea about the Indian Stock Exchanges.

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