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F.Y.B.A. : (Semester I & II)

Papers to be offered : 6
Compulsory Subjects:-

  1. Communication Skills in English
  2. Hindi OR French
  3. Foundation Course (Social Awareness & Personality Development)
  4. Optional Subjects:

    Three Papers under Group “A” or “B” or “C”
    1 Economics History Psychology
    2 Commerce Or History Economics or English (optional ) or Ancient Indian Culture English (Optional) Or
    Ancient Indian Culture
    3 Political Science or Statistics or Sociology or Hindi (Optional) Political Science or Sociology or Hindi (Optional) Political Science or Sociology or Hindi (Optional)

    Three Papers under Group “A” or “B” or “C”
    S.Y.B.A. (Semester III & IV)
    Papers to be offered: 8
    1. Foundation Course - II (Human Rights)
    2. Applied Component : Business Communication OR Psychology of Adjustment OR Book – Keeping & Accountancy
    Two papers each of the three optional subjects opted in FYBA

    T.Y.B.A. (Semester V & VI)
    Group A: Major
    Any one of the following Subjects having 6 units from the following subject groups to be opted provided it was opted at FYBA and SYBA
    • Economics
    • Sociology
    • History
    • English
    • Hindi
    • Psychology
    Group B:
    Anyone of the following combinations of Major Subjects having 3 units each can be opted provided they were opted at FYBA and SYBA
    • Economics – Commerce

FYBA History & Archaeology

FYBA Politics

FYBA English

FYBA Psychology

FYBA Mathematics

FYBA Statistics

FYBA Microeconomics

FYBA Communication Skills English

FYBA Commerce I & II

SYBA Political Theory

SYBA Public Administration

SYBA History & Archaeology

SYBA Psychology

SYBA Mathematics

SYBA Statistics

SYBA Economics

SYBA English

SYBA Economics Applied Component

SYBA Macroeconomics-II

SYBA Economics - Indian Economy

SYBA Book Keeping & Accountancy

SYBA Commerce II

SYBA Commerce III

TYBA English

TYBA Commerce

TYBA History & Archaeology

TYBA Psychology

TYBA Statistics

TYBA Economics

F.Y.B.A. Hindi Sem-I-II

FYBA Hindi Sem-I Sem-II Compulsory

FYBA Hindi Sem-I Sem-II Optional

Hindi S.Y.B.A. 2018-19

Alumni Meet 2019
The department of Sociology organised an Alumni Meet of their accomplished alumni comprising lawyers, academics, independent researchers, advertising and bank professionals as well as representatives from the non government sector. The meet began by introducing each alumnus accompanied with their short speeches on their journey after college, their current profession and how Sociology has helped them shape a better career for themselves.

Interactive session on National Register of Citizens
The department hosted an engaging session by one of its alumnus Ms Avantee Bansal who did an independent piece of research on National Register of Citizens in Assam. She spoke about procedural challenges and irregularities associated with NRC in Assam.

Interactive session on Adivasis
The department hosted a stimulating and invigorating session on Land Displacement and Forest Rights Act, 2006 in the context of tribal rights in India. The resource person was a farmer and tribal rights activist Ms SharanyaNayak who has been living and working withtribals for twenty years now.

Lecture Series on LGBTQI rights
The department organized three interactive sessions on the rights of the marginalized genders. As part of this a gay, lesbian and trans man were invited to share their experiences with students.

Workshop on "personality development and interview skills" (3 Sessions) on 16/12/2020, 5/2/2020 and 6/2/2020.

Laughter Yoga session for non-teaching staff on 14th December , 2019.

SHP CPCA Modules (Autumn School) "Advanced Communication Skills" on 14 October , 2019.

SHP CPCA Modules (Autumn School) "Importance of Literature Review in Research" on 16th October , 2019.

Lecture series: Applications of Mathematical & Statistical Tools in Finance 6/8/2019 to 10/8/2019.

Educational visit to ICT Mumbai “ Mathematical Modeling : Lab visit” on 3rd August 2019.

The 4th Annual Intercollegiate Departmental Festival held on 17, 24-26th February 2020.
The guests were as follows:
Dr. Avinash Desousa
Dr. Sangeeta Kamath
Mrs. Vidya Shenoy
Mr. Meet Tara Dynaneshwar

Talk on Awareness of Fragile X Syndrome to TYBA Psychology Students on 9th July 2019 by Mrs. Shalini Kedia and Ms. Kinisha Sanghvi.

A Demonstration session of Nada Yoga by Wellness vibe Foundation - Dr. Simi Dayal, Yashasvi Dayal and Ms. Preeti Motioani.

An introductory talk on "Cognitive Hypnotherapy on 7th February 2020".

Level 1 Cognitive Hypnotherapy - 5,6,7 & 8 July 2019 - Ms. Misba Shah

Film Screening - 15 Park Avenue - 6th February 2020 and The Tashkent Files - 26th February 2020.

Two days Preparatory workshop on NAAC organized by IQAC of KC College on 23rd and 24th January 2020.

Faculty Development programme on Shaping a Data Science Curriculum: Unleashing Potential of IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence organized by KC College, Statistics department on 9th and 10th September, 2019.

A team of six students under the guidance of Dr. Hiral Sheth participated and presented a research paper on ' Higher Education in Germany: A Leap towards Progress' at the XXVII International Economics Convention, 2019.KC College team was the winner at the XXVII International Economics Convention.

Lecture by R. Ramakumar, Professor, TISS on ‘Agrarian Crisis in Contemporary India’on 10th January 2020.

Lecture by Dr. Kannamma Raman, Retd. Professor on ‘Intellectual Property Rights’on 22nd January 2020.

Lecture by Dr. Vibhuti Patel, Professor, TISS on ‘Gender Budgeting’ on 14th January 2020.

Lecture by Dr. Shivram Kalyan Krishnan, Professor, IIT Bombay on ‘Artificial Intelligence: opportunities and Challenges’ on 7th December 2019.

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